High impact features

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With the help of the bill generation software, you may make any kind of invoice you need. Your invoice will be prepared automatically by choosing rates, prices, taxes, discounts, etc. once you enter the customer and the items.

Amber Infotech


A well-managed inventory helps improve cash flow, optimize operations, and leads to higher efficiency of an organization. Manage stock, get alerts for lower inventory levels, view location wise stock, view purchase requirements, and more.

Amber Infotech


Smart businesses manage their payments smartly. Amber Bills assists you in such tasks. It streamlines the preparation and recording of quotes, estimates, invoices, & orders. Powererd by a central database that is accessible from anywhere & at any time.

Amber Infotech


10+ analytical reports - From basic to advanced. Make accurate operational and strategic decisions with up to the minute, relevant and accurate data points.

The Benefits

360° view of your business

No more hassles of maintaining data on spreadsheets. Our cloud based software gives you seamless access of data and reports - anytime, anywhere.

Customer centric

Know your customers preferences and the context in which they engage with your organization.

Simplicity & ease-of-use

Amber Bills is intended to be a straightforward and user-friendly invoicing software, allowing all types of users to utilise it quickly and efficiently.

Realtime analytics

It comes with powerful dashboards that visually display data in action as well as a single perspective of the consumer for cross-functional insight and reporting.

Feature packed

Almost all of the features you're looking for are present. Additionally, this accounting software's adaptability is a bonus. It is simple to modify so that it meets your company's needs.

Cloud Based

For easy access from anywhere, anytime



To meet the unique needs of your business



Data analytics for valuable insights



Solution that can grow with your business needs


Customer Support

Dedicated customer support team to provide assistance


Frequently asked questions

Looking to learn more? View some of our frequently asked questions or get in touch with our supporters for assistance.

Higly customisable

Different invoice types and formats can be added to Amber Bills to support various operations and performance measures.

Designed for enterprises

Do you own any small to medium-sized businesses? We can assist.

Yes. Our free trials provide you with a full version of the software for 14 days. You'll find that the trial period does impose a few temporary limits on the contents, like the number of invoice templates you can use. Other than that, you get the full experience of the software, so you know exactly what you're getting when you become an Amber customer.

Yes. The subscription can be cancelled anytime with in the trial period. After the 14 days trial your account will be put on hold. If you choose to keep your Business plan, you will need to enter and confirm your payment details. After the confirmation you continue with your account and data as you left it during the free trial.

We accept all major credit/debit cards including Rupay, Visa and Mastercard. If you'd like to pay though any other form of offline payment, please write our support desk: support@amberinfotech.com.

Yes, those who pay us annually are eligible for a flat 20% reduction off the cost of their subscription.

You are not limited to by the pre-defined Invoice templates. Amber Bills can be expanded to include additional invoice kinds and formats. Simply email us the format of the invoice you need.

Normally, it should take 3-5 business days to implement the custom invoice format?

Yes. Our technology is set up to make sure the website is efficient and simple to use on any device.